We are proud of our tradition of excellence in the academics, fine arts, career and technology studies, and athletics. A very important part of each student’s timetable is devoted to instruction in Physical Education and all core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and, for the French Immersion students, French Language Arts. In an effort to provide a well-rounded education and to build on student interest, we also offer a broad and diverse selection of options from which our students may choose.

The primary focus of this option is to assist students with their core subjects, particularly in Mathematics and Language Arts. This course is intended to allow students to effectively complete assignments and receive small group and individual assistance. Students will also develop skills such as time management and organization of their school materials, binders, and lockers, as well as test-writing and note-taking skills. Motivation is key for success in this class.

Grade 7 & 8 Course Fee: $25 (per semester)
Grade 9 Course Fee: $50

Watercolours, pen and ink, pastels, printmaking, collage, Gelli plates, alcohol inks, acrylics, scratch art, prismacolours and more... this course will introduce students to the vast number of media available, and how to combine them to create beautiful works of art. Non-traditional art materials will be explored as well in order to create 3D masterpieces. Students will be introduced to some of the art masters, ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to Tim Burton, as well as challenged to create art connecting to story and music. No art experience is necessary to be successful in this course - just a desire to be creative while having fun.

Course Fee: $50

Be part of an exciting team. Learn to play an instrument and read music – join the band! At the Grade 7 level you will choose an instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba or percussion) and begin the experience. In Grade 8 and 9 you will become a member of the showcase band of the music program. During the year we perform many concerts which may include:

  • our annual Christmas concert, Alberta Band Association Festival and Spring concert;
  • performances for various elementary audiences in St. Albert in March;
  • open house at École Hillgrove School in March;
  • a two-day music camp at Lake Nakamun for all grades; and
  • our annual music tour, which alternates every year between Alberta and British Columbia at the beginning of May;
  • connect with and workshop with many professional musicians at the University of Alberta

Drama 7, 8 & 9

Field Trip Fee: $25 (per semester for 7 & 8)   $25 for Drama 9

Drama 7, 8 and 9 are all fun skill-based courses designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage personal growth. Through the instruction of movement, speech, improvisation and theatre studies, students will learn how to be perceptive viewers, poised speakers and discerning listeners. Students acquire skills in both the off-stage and on-stage process of performance, and in doing so discover in themselves responsibility, leadership, patience and confidence. No prerequisite is required to register other than a keen interest and a willingness to participate and try new things. Students are expected to be able to work as individuals and with other group members.

Drama (Performing Arts) 9

Field Trip Fee: $25

Performing Arts 9 is a course that provides students with the chance to challenge themselves in the area of performance creation. Students will learn what it means to prepare and perform. The course runs during the regular school day with the students presenting smaller pieces over the course of the year and a larger performance in May. The experience involves self-motivation and commitment while students take direction in blocking, line memorization and acting technique.


Grade 7 & 8 Field Trip Fee: $55 (per semester)
Grade 9 Field Trip Fee: $110

The goal of this option is to encourage students to develop a lifelong interest and active involvement in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The course involves both a high level of activity and theory.  Students will participate in a variety of activities which develops an understanding of cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, power and strength.  Aerobic activity, weight circuits, golf, curling, foam rolling, yoga, spin, outdoor games, indoor games, swimming, skating, skiing, TRX, Bosu, Bender ball and indoor climbing are just some of the activities students can expect to participate in.  A set user fee for trips will be collected at the start of the semester or school year.

Grade 7 & 8 Course Fee: $50 (per semester)
Grade 9 Course Fee: $100

Students will complete one foods studies module and one fashion (sewing) module. Students will enjoy preparing a variety of recipes for appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and baked goods, while they develop the basic skills and habits for cooking and making healthy food choices. Please note: some dietary requirements will not always be able to be accommodated. During the fashion portion of the program, students will learn basic sewing skills, as well as how to safely operate sewing and pressing equipment. Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies for sewing projects and will be able to take all projects home upon completion.

(French Immersion students only*)

Registration Fee: $240 (non-refundable)
Monthly Fee: $160 (Sept - May)

Students will have on-ice practices twice a week. Transportation from the school to the arena is provided within school hours.

Register here

*Students attending Inclusive Education programs at Hillgrove will also be considered for the Hockey Academy.

Grade 7 & 8 Course Fee: $40 (per semester)
Grade 9 Course Fee: $60

The Industrial Arts option gives students the opportunity to choose from three modules.

Graphic Design: Students will learn the basics of 3-D printing, vector drawing and 2-D CNC.

Plastics: Students will layout, cut, shape, form and assemble projects made of plastic.

Woods: Students will design, layout, cut, assemble and finish projects using a variety of hand & power tools. Each student is assessed to see at which level they should start.

Course Fee: $10
Field Trip Fee: $20

This course will foster leadership skills in students through participation in planning, organizing and implementing community events and campus-wide activities.  Students will increase their organizational and interpersonal skills to become independent and positive leaders. Project management, interpersonal relationships, goal setting, decision-making and communicating are some of the competencies that will be fostered. Students gain confidence, time-management skills and other skills that will support them in the future.

Grade 7 Field Trip Fee: $150 (per semester)
Grade 8 Field Trip Fee: $175 (per semester)
Grade 9 Field Trip Fee: $200 

Are you ready for an adventure? Welcome to the wilderness! Students in this option will have the opportunity to learn about hiking, canoeing, environmental awareness, animal identification, survival and several other exciting skills. Canoeing expeditions and overnight camping trips are also part of the program. A set user fee for trips will be collected at the start of the semester or school year.

The aim of the Outdoor Pursuits course is to develop the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes of individuals, so that they will be self-confident, capable and committed to setting goals, making informed choices in preparation for lifelong educational experiences. The option is both classroom and activity based. Individuals must be willing to take part in group activities and in individual indoor and outdoor activities in a variety of settings. Some of the activities that may be offered include soccer, broomball, cross-country skiing, ringette, flag football, archery, co-operative games, sports climbing and field lacrosse.

Grade 7 & 8 Course Fee: $30 (per semester)
Grade 9 Course Fee: $40

Technology is an exciting, multi-media rich option that exposes students to a variety of media applications. Students are taught concepts related to photography, video production, editing, 3-D design, website building, coding and podcasting - to name a few!  Technology students are also the photographers for school events, with their photos appearing on the student website and in the yearbook! Creativity, experimentation and cooperation are strongly encouraged.

Field Trip Fee: $20 (per semester)

The yoga option is incredibly beneficial to the healthy development of teens. Students will build strength, balance and flexibility using a series of different yoga poses. Students will improve their sense of well-being using different breathing and relaxation techniques. Development of these skills will aid in multiple ways to reduce stress and increase body awareness, self-respect and self-confidence. Students are expected to purchase their own yoga mat.