Code of Conduct

School Expectation and Policies

Student behaviour

Maintaining proper student conduct is essential to maximizing student learning. The emphasis is not on a list of rules but rather on students behaving in a responsible manner. Students receive certain privileges for appropriate and mature behaviour. Students who are sent to the office will be dealt with on an individual basis. Consequences will vary with the incident and number of times school administrators have had to deal with that student.


Physical or verbal intimidation (including online intimidation) violates individual students' rights. At the discretion of administration, the parents of any student identified as intimidating another will be contacted. Consequences could include loss of privileges, in-school suspension, community service, out of school suspension or referral to the RCMP.

Dress policy

We want to provide a positive learning environment. Students are encouraged to dress with modesty and to abide by the school dress code. The following items are examples of dress considered inappropriate for school:

  • clothing that reveals undergarments and/or a student’s stomach, chest, upper thigh or buttocks;
  • clothing with inappropriate or negative language, symbols that condone or promote drugs, alcohol, sexually-suggestive or aggressive behaviour or obscene language or phrases;
  • blouses or shirts that show the belly button or any other part of the bare stomach or back and low-slung pants which allow underwear to show;
  • muscle shirts, halter tops and tank tops; clothing with shoulder straps of less than 4 cm in width (i.e. spaghetti strap tops) or inappropriate cut outs (with sports bra showing) are not allowed;
  • fishnet stockings;
  • spandex short shorts;
  • see-through blouses, skirts or pants; and
  • inappropriate low-cut blouses or shirts.

When a staff member identifies that a student may be inappropriately dressed, the student will be asked to change and their parents will be contacted. If necessary, school t-shirts or sweat pants will be supplied for the day to students whose attire is inappropriate. Repeat offences may result in the student receiving progressive discipline interventions. Parents we appreciate your support!

Cell phone use and personal electronic devices

For reasons of safety, privacy and maintaining a proper learning environment, cell phones and other communication devices are NOT permitted in the classroom and are not to be used during the school day. Students must leave their phones in their lockers. This policy extends to the use of telephones, personal cameras, iPods and any text messaging devices. Using these devices may result in a staff member confiscating the device and may require that a parent retrieve the device. The school will not be held responsible for any personal electronic communication devices if lost or damaged.

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