French Immersion

The success of students graduating from our French Immersion program can also be gauged by the high number of post-secondary education placements, and by the number of graduates who follow career paths that are fulfilling and rewarding. The lives of French Immersion students are truly enriched by bilingual abilities and cross-cultural experiences. Students thrive in a program that is supported by meaningful partnerships in learning between teachers and parents, and a host of supporters from within the community.

It's one thing to learn a language. It's another to embrace an opportunity to learn a language through an immersion process that assimilates the historical, cultural and social perspectives of a blended heritage along the way. That rich experience is the very essence of learning. It is the gift that parents give to their children when they enroll them in our French Immersion program.

The majority of the parents in our French Immersion program do not speak French themselves, and English is the language spoken at home. In fact, the French Immersion program is designed for Anglophone children. Previous knowledge of French is not a prerequisite for enrollment. No child should be denied the satisfaction and pride derived from becoming bilingual in the French language, and all children are welcome.

Hear more about our program directly from our students and staff: